Can Cats Drink Oat Milk? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Are you feeling worrisome and uncomfortable seeing your cats drink oat milk?. Anyone who has love for his cat, will always want to be sure that it won’t have any bad health effect.

Cat are portably small creature’s that loves milk drinking, and are very fun to be with, and if you have love in choosing such a pet like cat. Then you will definitely get to see how fun it is to be with them.

Can cat drink oat milk?

Can cats drink oat milk?

Yes! cats can drink oat milk, but it should not be taken too much by them. Oat milk is an alternative to dairy milk.

Since Oat milk contains less amount of lactose or it is simply lactose free, then it is a very great option for your kitty as long as it takes in with moderation. People might be wondering why diary milk is not encourage to be recommended for cats.

These is simply because some cats are lactose intolerant, as dairy milk contains large proportion of this, which is harmful to some cat.

Don’t be afraid seeing your cats sip a little of your milk, Because it’s not every cats that are lactose intolerant. But the best practices is to avoid feeding them with regular milks.

How often you should feed your cat with oat milk

Some cats are lactose intolerant, and this doesn’t mean that, since oat milk are lactose-free than regular milk, that it should be taken frequently by them.

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Understand that oat milk is not part of their natural diet, and they do not get much benefits from them. Instead too much milk can make them vomit, hence severe stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Is oat milk safe for cats?

Can cats drink oat milk?

According to nutritionist,Mina Khan, founder of formulate health. That oat milk is packed full of fibre and plant based protein and promote a healthy digestive system. This proves that oat milk is is very safe for your cats, and helps in digestion.

Since we already discussed that oat milk, is a good alternative for cow milks in cats nutrition, because they are made from plant. which copes with cats intolerant for lactose.

You can always decide to allow your kitty sip some little, of your oat milk since it’s practically aid digestion and are not allergic to them.

You can produce oat milk by your self, to avoid sedatives and thickeners usually found in some commercial products.

Is it advisable to give your cat oat milk everyday?

Even though oat milk is a plant based based milk, that is lactose free. It is still not good to some extent when taken regularly. Cat’s digestive system are somehow not as that of human, due to lack of some enzymes that can breakdown sugar.

Oat milk should not not be considered as cat meal. It is usually taken, since it’s can supplements some useful nutrients. Too much of feeding them with oat milk on daily basis can lead to body system disorder such as ;diarrhea, watery stool etc.

Cat’s meals should be more of protein such. So sources of protein like meats, is also recommended to be added in their meals.

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Why some cat are lactose intolerant

Just like some humans, cat’s are lactose intolerant because they lack enzymes that can breakdown lactose in their body. When you have a cat that is lactose intolerant, it is advisable to avoid meals that are in high proportion of lactose.

If your cat is lactose intolerant , it also means that it’s lacks enzymes that can breakdown sugar in their body. And this is the reason why oat milk is the best option for them, since it contains less sugar.

Now, having known why cats are lactose intolerant. It will be very unhealthy to keep on the practice of adding more sugar in their foods. knowing that such meals can cause them to be obesed and frequently watery stooling

How to prepare oat milk

Do you know that you can decide to make oat milk all by yourself at home?. These rcould simply be as a result of disliking how commercial industries add certain flavours and addictive.

Making oat milk by your self is really simple to learn , you might just want it to be more natural and sugar-free.

  • Mix 1 mug (80 grams) of rolled or sword cut oats with 3 mugs (720 mL) of cold water for 30 seconds.
  • Place a cheesecloth over a wide- mouth jar or bottle. Pour the admixture over the cheesecloth to separate the milk from the oats.
  • Lift the cloth from the ends to form a sac, and gently squeeze any remaining liquid into the jar

You can decide to add a little salt, cinnamon extract or vanilla flavours. To add more taste to it before you start blending it on blender.

Don’t blend for more than 40 seconds.

To have a good results, it’s advisable to use cold water, and don’t soak your oat beforehand. Then keep it in fridge for 6 days

Nutritional content of oat milk

Oat milk is a good source of vitamins, minerals, fibres , etc. Which are very useful to cats and also humans health.

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Scientifically, I cup of unsweetened oat milk contains the following nutritional content;

  • Calories 120
  • Protein 3 grams
  • Fat 5 grams
  • Carbs 16 grams
  • Salutary fiber 2 grams
  • Vitamin B12 50 of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Riboflavin 45 of the daily value
  • Calcium 25 of the daily value
  • Phosphorus 20 of the daily value
  • Vitamin D 20 of the daily value
  • Vitamin A 20 of the daily value
  • Potassium 8 of the daily value
  • Iron 2 of the daily value

With these nutritional content, oat milk is very good for your kitty, since those elements are essential for healthy growth.

Advantage of oat milk

These few advantage of oat milk makes it good for our little kitty.

  • It is lactose free
  • A good source of vitamin B
  • It promotes strong bone formation
  • It lowers LDL or bad cholesterol


Cats can drink oat milk, but it should not be fed to them regularly. Oat milk is an alternative to dairy milk.

It’s lactose free, a good source of vitamin and it helps to grow strong bones. You shouldn’t worry much about feeding your cats oat milk as long as you can control it.


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