Can Leopard Geckos Eat Worms? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Hi pet lovers, Welcome to petstufffhq, today we’ll be taking a closer look into if leopard geckos can eat worms?

This post is well detailed and you’ll discover alot on what kind of worms leopard geckos eat, why you shouldn’t feed your leopard geckos live worms etc.

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Worms?

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Worms?

Let me start by saying earthworms are not the ideal food for your pet to eat.

Although it is not likely to harm them, but they should be fed only on a limited basis to other insects such as roaches, crickets, and worms.

It is likely that your gecko is healthy and healthy when you feed them.

Earthworms comprise approximately 83% water which means that feeding them often is not the best diet for the leopard geckos as compared to the live insects that are commonly fed such as roaches, crickets, superworms and mealworms.

Before you start feeding your leo earthworms live make sure you stay away from the worms that you see in the wild.

Worms that are found in nature could have come into contact with chemicals or metals that are present in topsoil and groundwater around urban suburban regions.

When you are feeding your pet reptile or amphibian , you should avoid eating any insect that is caught wild. Oligochaeta (worm kind)

Oligochaeta (Oh-lee-go-keeta) It is one of the subclasses of animals belonging to the phylum Annelida that is made by a variety of terrestrial and aquatic Worms, which includes all of the earthworms.

The Earthworm’s Nutritional Content

  1. Moisture %: 83.6
  2. Crude Protein %: 10.5
  3. Fat percent: 1.6
  4. Ash percent: 0.6
  5. Calcium, mg/kg: 444
  6. Phosphorus, mg/kg: 1590
  7. Magnesium, mg/kg: 136

Do earthworms carry parasites?

Yes. The earthworms that live in nature eat an enormous amount of organic matter. In the process, they could encounter many different organisms, viruses, parasites and bacteria.

However it all depends on the conditions of the soil. It is not recommended for humans to consume the earthworms that are in the raw therefore why do we offer our pets with them?

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How often should leopard geckos consume Earthworms?

All insects should have diversification in its diet. That means the kind of insects you feed your leopard gecko doesn’t have to necessarily be the same.

Sometimes, it’s good to stop trying to capture live crickets! Earthworms are best served at least once every few months.

Also, do not feed earthworms on a regularly. It is better to limit your consumption to insects you can find in your local pet shop.

A good diet that is varied for leopard geckos could be 25% roaches or crickets and 25% superworms and the rest can be comprised of hornworms mealworms, silkworms, or hornworms.

Be aware that feeder insects must always be sprayed by a calcium supplement since commercially raised insects could be deficient in these.

The food offered to the insects that are raised on farms is designed to speed up growth and development. In contrast, insects that live in nature consume a variety of food items that are higher in minerals and vitamins.

The meals that are given to feeder insects raised on farms from companies such as Timberline which is one of the top producers of feeder insects are also utilized in feed for livestock, which means they are not contaminated by bacteria and parasites.

Feeding your insects to their leopard gecko important to ensure they receive the nutrients and energy they require to shed, grow their skin, explore, and carry out all the other routine activities in a gecko’s daily.

Are earthworms the best choice?

Are leopard geckos allowed to consume earthworms? It’s not possible. The gecko won’t be injured from eating earthworms, however they’ll eventually turn eyes at them.

Leopard geckos don’t like the substance earthworms release when they are stressed and not eat it.

Why should you should not give your leopard geckos earthworm?

Earthworms produce a fluid out of their clitellum. This is also known as the “collar” which you might notice on an earthworm when it walks across the earth. The clitellum secretes a substance which is slimy, and it protects its eggs.

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The mucus they produce serves as a moisturizer for the skin. It also aids in moving as well as breathing.

Earthworms aren’t very rich in nutrients. They contain 83% water which isn’t ideal for geckos. Instead, opt for roaches, crickets, or mealworms.

What are the good insects to give to your LEOS?

Insects make up a large portion of the diet of leos- it’s the food they eat most often when out in the wild. The two primary insects geckos love to consume include crickets and mealworms.

Crickets are a good option of leopard geckos. They are available at almost any pet shop, since reptiles love crickets.

You must remove the insects from the gut before feeding your pet gecko. This procedure will give the greatest quantity of nutrients your pet will get when they consume.

This can be done by offering the crickets food, or perhaps giving them slices of potato or oatmeal.

Geckos love to capture their food, however they might be annoyed if they are unable to locate their food.

If their cricket is dead, they could not eat it. It is possible to take off the cricket’s back legs to ensure that the reptile is able to consume it. Geckos are able to catch cricket quickly.

If you discover that crickets hiding in your pet, place an potato or an apple inside the enclosure. The crickets are drawn out will be easier for your child to grasp.

Be sure to remove any uncooked insects or food after your pet has finished eating.are earthworms beneficial in the case of leopard geckos?

Other Insects

Mealworms and Waxworms are great for leos. All you need to do is place mealworms in the food dish. Let your lizards enjoy them whenever they’re hungry.

Make sure that your bowl is well-groomed to ensure that mealworms can’t escape.

Waxworms can be a little overweight in nutrition, and therefore should only be used in moderation.

They are more of an indulgence and are offered to females following the time they’ve laid eggs.

Dubia roaches are a different insect you could feed your pet. Dubias are rich in carbs, fats, protein minerals and, obviously, water. They’re odorless and easy to breed.

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Leos enjoy them since they are simple to digest and chew quickly.

Choose dubias that range from 3 millimeters or 1/8 of an inch up to 3.8 centimeters which is 1.5 inches. They are the perfect size for geckos that are sizes of adult and juvenile size.

Similar to other insects, you must be able to gut load them prior to feeding these to the leos. It is recommended to gut load the insects two to four days prior to the time of serving the insects as food.

There is a chance that males are able to fly, however they don’t fly all the time. Female dubias do not have wings. They are slow-moving insects and do not typically climb vertically.

While crickets are known to be slightly noisy, they aren’t.

One of the most crucial aspects of feeding your pet is the water that he drink. Bowls should be kept in the shallow end since if an insect is caught into a bowl, it could cause death (therefore the insect is wasting its time) and could also harm the solidity that the water.

Always examine the water bowl every day to ensure that the water is safe and clean to drink.

A few leos will even dip in their water bowls to cool off. If this occurs, you should change the water, and ensure the cold area of your environment is adequate. It helps keep bacteria at bay.

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