Can Gerbils Swim? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Hi pet lovers, Welcome to petstufffhq, today we’ll be taking a closer look into if gerbils can swin?

If you’re the owner of a gerbil you might have been wondering what skills a gerbil can possess. They’re clearly very good in digging, which is their natural instinct. Additionally, they’re quick at walking, that is an additional skill. One thing you might have been wondering is if they can swim.

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A Gerbil

Gerbils’ lives can be somewhat dull. Pet owners might think that swimming is fun and stimulation.

However, gerbils do not have much reason to go swimming. There’s nowhere for them to swim in their cages as well very few water sources inside their environment.

Gerbils dislike swimming. They don’t like playing in the water, like other animals, though they are able to swim in an emergency.

There aren’t many rivers and lakes in the natural habitat, which is why they’re not great swimmers. They make use of the doggy paddle to swim and will do whatever they can to remove themselves from the water.

It is still possible to bathe your gerbil. If you decide to do this, ensure you don’t make the bath deep. The gerbil should be able touch its feet with ease at the surface of the bowl.

It is recommended, however, to offer your gerbil an sand bath instead of the traditional water bath. Gerbils bathe in the dust of the wild.

When you imagine rodents and water, the first image that people envision is an animal swimming through pipes to a toilet even though gerbils and rats are both rodents, their natural habitat is different.

Gerbils are a desert animal, they are found in deserts Their natural home is dry, deserted and they are unlikely to see large water bodies like streams or lakes.

Many mammals are naturally swimmers, including gerbils however, they won’t choose to swim unless they’re sure the safety of their own lives is at stake.

And like other rodents, they utilize their small legs to paddle towards shores if they are required to swim.

Can gerbils swim?

Yes! Gerbils can and are able to swim, but out in the wild they’ll only swim if there is no other option. In the event that you drag a Gerbil to enter the water, it will feel an excessive amount of stress that isn’t good for its mental health.

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Gerbils are also susceptible to getting sick if they are in water for long periods of period of time.

Do Gerbils Swim In Wild?

Gerbils are also known as desert rats. They are only found in the desert region of the world , such as in the Gobi desert of Asia. In these dry and extremely dry regions, water is a rare source, and gerbils have adjusted to their environment.

Gerbils don’t require a lot of water for survival Their bodies are developed to eat the least amount of water feasible, they don’t urinate as often and their feces are extremely dry.

That’s the reason they are considered to be good pets since they don’t have a smell, which means they don’t need to look for water.

Living in deserts, Gerbils aren’t likely to encounter an enormous amount of water. In fact, it rarely rains in their habitat, so they don’t go swimming in the wild.

Even in the presence swimming, the gerbil would not take swimming unless it is dropped in the water, and then alter his residence or make a lengthy route to avoid getting into the water.

Can Gerbils Swim As Pets?

Gerbils are adorable furry companions and are extremely entertaining, and one might be tempted to put them into a tub to swim in and take pleasure in the paddling water they take in. but it’s not an ideal idea as it will cause stress to the pet.

Gerbils in captivity share similar body characteristics to wild gerbils. They are also well-adapted to eating only a small amount of water. their boddies aren’t equipped to swim or drink water.

The fur of gerbils loses its natural oils and may develop extremely serious skin conditions in the event of exposure to water for extended periods or if it’s kept wet for long periods.

Even pet gerbils shouldn’t not swim or take baths, even though they’re naturally capable of swimming.

Do Gerbils Enjoy Swimming?

For gerbils , swimming is a natural ability that is used only in drown or swim situations however, no gerbil is likely to take a dip because they enjoy it.

Gerbils, in fact, dislike being in water and feel nervous in the presence of water, and if they were to be dropped into water, it could be stressful for them.

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Research on rodents who are required to swim have demonstrated that gerbils are determined to escape from the water as fast as they possibly can and unlike rats, they are not comfortable in water.

Will Gerbils Drown?

Gerbils don’t drown when they have a place to swim to . They will effortlessly paddle towards the land and they will be able to stay in the water even if they have no place to travel for few days and then die of exhaustion rather than drowning.

Gerbils are extremely good swimmers, despite the fact they aren’t fond of it and the majority of them never come into contact with water or need to swim.

Most mammals are natural swimmers. Gerbils, gerbils and rodents aren’t any different Their instincts guide them to instantly paddle from the water.

Can Baby Gerbils Swim?

Gerbils born in the womb can’t swim. they spend the initial three weeks of their existence with their eyes shut which makes it difficult for them discern where they’re headed, even if they were able to swim.

The Gerbil baby is weaned by the age of 5 weeks. They depend on their mother for protection and food. they begin exploring at the age of 3 to 5 weeks, but don’t have enough strength to swim.

Gerbils who are born in the first place do not have enough fur to shield them from cold, so they won’t be able to survive even should they drown.

Do Gerbils Like Water?

Gerbils aren’t well-equipped to live in water, and will consequently, not be able to play in the water; instead, they prefer to have fun playing with their friends or playmates.

Gerbils aren’t fond of water in any way and will not swim in it unless they are forced to and even then, they’ll do their best to get out the earliest they are able to.

Gerbils have adapted to living in the desert and dry climate, therefore the water is far from their home.

Can Gerbils Bathe In Water?

Gerbils aren’t bathing in water. They take baths with sand, and if they do get wet , they might lose oil from their skin and suffer from skin diseases which could be severe and causing discomfort.

Gerbils shouldn’t take baths in water unless they’ve something more harmful on their skin, in this case, water must be applied directly to the area affected and be dried when the harmful substance has been removed.

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Dust baths or sand are the way for gerbils to groom itself. However, you must choose pet-friendly sand designed for this purpose otherwise you could cause respiratory issues in your gerbil.

What should you do in the event that your Gerbil is wet?

Gerbils who get wet are not danger if it’s accidental. However, if the incident isn’t long-lasting, Gerbils who remain in water or remain wet for long periods of time may suffer from skin irritations and stress.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re able to take your pet gerbil in the pool or bath as long as you keep it in constant exposure to water can have similar results.

If your gerbil becomes wet, it is important to dry it with a gentle a soft cloth . Keep it warm until it is completely dried.

Some have suggested using a hair-dryer but this isn’t a good ideadue to the rapid change of temperature, even in the soft mode of the dryer, it’s too fast of a thermal shock for your gerbil .

They aren’t a fan of noisy machines and it could put stress on a gerbil that has already going through a stressful encounter.

Does swimming make gerbils stressed?

Swimming is a life-saving experience for gerbils. Therefore, it is very stressful to endure, which is the reason why you should not let your gerbil swim.

They aren’t a fan of water and don’t feel at ease in it. They would never take a dip unless their lives depend on it, so it’s not surprising the feeling that follows a swimming session, gerbils are anxious.

It’s not to mean that they’ll become stressed if you only use only a small amount of water to wash their fur (in the event of an emergencies).

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