Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Guinea Pigs have kept people and their families happy because they are so cute and adorable for a long period of time.

There’s even a photo of an Tudor girl holding her precious Guinea pig dating to 1580. This is a long time of affection and love for these adorable animals!

It is likely that owners of guinea pigs, through time, have uncovered everything they need to know to keep their furry pets happy. However when it comes to the guinea pig’s owners and their pet’s diet, alot is still yet to be covered.

Their diet rangers from a variety of food sources and keep your little furry pet happy is the goal for all pet owners. In this blog post, after adequate research and investigation I’ll be answering the question; Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food?.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to business.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food?

The short answer is NO. Pet owners should not feed their guinea pigs any sort of dog food.

Guinea animals are herbivores, and can’t digest foods that contain meat. So, you can’t and shouldn’t give them any dog food at all since it can lead to digestive discomfort and obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food?

Why Dog Food Isn’t Good for Guinea Pigs

Foods for pets are classified by species to ensure that pet owners know what product to choose according to their needs in today’s pet food market.

The fact that pet food manufacturers do not just randomly select ingredients to make their products. For instance cat food is made in accordance with the nutrition intake of cats and also variations based on the cat’s weight, allergies, and sensitivities.

Therefore, it is not recommended to give a treat to your cat, either.

In the same way, it is recommended that the diet of your guinea pig comprise hay, guinea pig pellets, fresh vegetables and even fruits.

Also, if your guinea pig appears to be having a negative reaction to certain foods that you are eating, it is best to eliminate it from their diet and talk to the vet.

Sorry to say that feeding your dog’s guinea pig food is not the best option available. If there’s some confusion below are a few most important reasons why guinea-pigs and dog food don’t blend:

  • Inability to Digest Meat

There’s a bit of debate regarding the classification of the diet of dogs. Certain animal experts believe that canines are carnivores. others claim that they’re omnivores.

Whatever the reason regardless, they’re all in agreement on one thing : dogs are able to digest meat, enjoy it and thrive off it.

This is why the main ingredient in pet food is some form of meat, whether it’s lamb, chicken turkey, or any other.

Guinea Pigs, on the contrary, are herbivores. They don’t eat meat as they don’t require. Since their diet is predominantly plant matter Evolution has found it appropriate to create the metabolic system which doesn’t need meat in order to live

They need lots of fiber to allow digestion to function as it should. This is why domestic guinea pigs are fed grass or Timothy or hay.

If you’ve ever tried feeding your pet the menu of food for dogs this could result in throwing off the delicate tummy of your pet and even cause the development of a GI blockage (blockage within the small intestinal tract).

In addition, meat provides minimal or any nutritional value to the guinea pigs as their systems are made to breakdown plants. Guinea Pigs do not have enzymes or acids to degrade meat, therefore there’s no doubt about that it’s beneficial for them.

  • Lack of Vitamin C

Humans and guinea-pigs share the inability to make themselves Vitamin C. Dogs, however, are able to produce Vitamin C within their livers. This means they don’t require it from another source. This is why that dog food does not contain the tiniest amount ascorbic acid.

Guinea pigs must be fed Vitamin C since, if they do not get it, they may be diagnosed with a condition known as scurvy. This condition can cause death in certain cases. The best guinea pig pellets are supplemented with the highest levels of Vitamin C to ensure that your pet is safe from all sorts of health issues.

The average guinea pig needs between 10 and 30 mg/kg of Vitamin C to keep good health. A guinea pig who has Vitamin C deficient might require 50 mg/kg of Vitamin C every day.

Some vets suggest increasing the daily dosage of Vitamin C in the event of illness. In short it is impossible for guinea-pigs to live well without Vitamin C. That’s another reason that it isn’t possible to feed your pet guinea-pig food.

What Happens if a Guinea Pig Eats Dog Food?

My best recommendation is to immediately see a vet.

We’ve already established it’s not a good choice for the guinea pig. However, I’ve never explained what could happen to your pet’s health when the food you give it is canine-friendly aside from talking about an GI block. This is likely to change.

What happens when you feed your guinea-pigs dog food.

  •  Obesity

There’s no way to protect anyone from the effects of obesity including your pet guinea pet. Guinea Pigs are at risk of becoming unhealthy fat when they eat constantly.

If you let the food bowl lying around it’s likely that your pet will consume food from it. It’s well-known that guinea pigs consume food because they’re bored (I am totally able to relate to this).

If guinea pigs become overweight due to eating too many pellets from guinea-pigs Do you think about what dog food consumption can cause to your pet’s health?

The occasional bite of dog food can alter your pet’s daily diet and result in them changing from skinny and svelte to the size of Mr. Chubs.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying body-shaming Guinea Pigs in any way. It’s simply that being overweight in guinea-pigs is associated with many other ailments, including joint pain, mobility issues as well as lethargy, heart conditions as well as a shortening of life span, etc.

2. Heightened Cholesterol

Guinea Pigs are quite susceptible to developing high cholesterol when their diet isn’t adequate. As with humans, cholesterol levels that are high could affect guinea pigs’ cardiovascular health.

Add that to the fact that guinea pigs may be prone to heart attacks at any time, for no reason at all You’ll be able to understand why adding meat to the diet of your guinea-pig is not a good idea.

  • High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

The guinea pig is susceptible to diseases like hypertension and diabetes. This is true regardless of the fact that guinea-pigs eat plants-based diets. However, if your dog guinea-pig food with sugar and salt and this could lead to your pet developing diabetes or elevated blood pressure over time.


I believe that we’ve gone over and above an acceptable doubt when it comes to concluding that feeding your dog guinea pig food is not beneficial and has many health issues associated with it. In addition, the case that your pet has lived his entire life without eating meat, it will not be dissatisfied.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food?

Guinea pigs are wired by their nature to be vegetarians and this isn’t an easy thing to change or replace. My suggestion is to keep your guinea pig’s most loved treats, and give your pet daily doses of Vitamin C and ensure that the water in its tank up. That’s the most effective recipe for a healthy and happy pet guinea pet.

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