Can Hamsters Eat Tuna? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Who doesn’t enjoy an excellent tuna as a desert once in a while? Consider its high-quality and healthy, and you’ll be able to understand how tuna fish are so sought-after with the health-conscious.

However, if you own a hamster and are contemplating whether your pet is able to take in the tasty pleasures of tuna, you shouldn’t trust your beloved hamster’s diet to his whims even if he appears at all.

Can Hamsters Eat Tuna?

Yes they can. Even though hamsters are omnivores and are known to consume the meats (such as insects and tiny bugs) however, it is advised to shield your hamster from tuna because of its high-fat and high sodium content. Some tuna also have small bones that could cause issues.

Although it’s cute as it could be to share an open can of tuna and hammies for lunch, it’s definitely not a smart idea.

Although hamsters are omnivores and are able to eat fruits, vegetables and meats as well as grains Tuna-based food for your hamster can cause health problems for your hamster’s friend.

We’ll explore this matter in more detail below, and provide suggestions for better foods to feed your hammie.

What’s The Deal With Hamsters and Tuna?

The more pressing question owners of hamsters are likely to be askingĀ  is feeding hamsters this particular type of meat is healthy.

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The fact is that hammies are susceptible to overweight, which might seem like a myth however it’s actually true. And, a fat hamster may also suffer from additional complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and a shortening of life.

Tuna has a high-fat content. 100 kilograms of freshly-cooked tuna is about 4.9 pounds of fat while canned tuna weighs in with 0.8 grams. It’s not much, but when you consider the size of your hammie, it’s plenty.

Also, canned tuna has a high sodium content. The consumption of too much salt may harm your hamster’s delicate digestive system and cause dehydration.

The food that your hamster eats is vet-approved and should already be regulating the amount of salt they’re taking in so you shouldn’t change that.

Additionally the feeding of your hamster tuna could cause a choking risk due to the bones of fish. You could get around this issue by feeding to your pet canned tuna however, there’s no way to know the amount of fat or sodium you’ll be introducing into your pet’s system.

FINAL VERDICT: Should I Feed Tuna to My Hamster?

In light of the possible issues that tuna can cause, as we’ve been through It might be best to not feed your hamsters with tuna in any way.

But, if you’re determined to give your hammie a taste of the ocean but you’re not sure, take a step back and use prudent and limit the tuna to occasional treats (don’t even think about trying it on a regular basis).

Give your pet half teaspoon of mashed tuna is more than enough but you may need to start with a smaller portion to make sure you don’t have any stomach issues.

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Make sure to smash the tuna before serving the fish to your friend and be sure to purchase containers that don’t contain oil.

When you feed your hamster healthy, balanced diet of pellets there’s a good chance that your pet doesn’t have a shortage in any way, in terms of nutrition. Also, giving your hamsters fruits and vegetables as treats is far better.

If you’d like your hamster’s diet include greater protein content, then you could choose to give your pet scrambled or boiled eggs (bite-sized portions) or crickets or mealworms, which is more likely to be similar to the food they’d consume when they’re in nature.

While you might be able to serve your hamster tuna to your pet with no problems, it’s best to avoid it.

If you’re eager to give it a try, begin with a small amount of tuna that’s well mashed and packaged in oil-free packages to be certain that it’s going to be a hit with the tiny hamster’s stomach.

Related Questions About Feeding Your Hamster

What Foods Can Kill Hamsters?

Hamsters can consume a variety of kinds of fruits, vegetables or nuts, they can also eat seeds but certain food items could cause poisoning to your pet.

The most dangerous foods include cherries, mushrooms and garlic, tomatoes, appleseeds, eggplant and elderberries, avocados peach pits, rhubarb, peach pits chocolate, peach pits, and many more.

What Kind of Meat Can Hamsters Eat?

Chicken and cooked beef are two meat options that you can offer your Hamster.

But, make sure to offer the meat in bite-sized pieces. It is also possible to chop or smash the meat to ensure that your pet doesn’t get choked upon it. Also, don’t attempt to season cooked food you’re planning to feed your pet hamster.

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There is also those “meats” your hamster would be eating – insects. Mealworms and crickets are likely to be easily found in pet shops.

Can Hamsters Drink Milk?

Hamsters are able to drink milk, however, feeding excessive amounts of whole milk or milk at all isn’t recommended.

While hamsters aren’t lactose intolerant but they’re susceptible to obesity. This is why it’s recommended to feed them milk that is skimmed. Avoid feeding your hamster milk with a flavor and especially chocolate. Chocolate can be poisonous for the hamster.

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