Can Leopard Geckos Live Together? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Hi, welcome to petstufffhq. You’ve probably made the decision you’re convinced that the leopard gecko will be your ideal vivarium pet.

I mean what’s not to love, with their bright skin and long tail? You’re probably thinking you’d like to have two cuz that will adorable But you’re unsure whether it’s safe to put them together.

I’ve collected information in order to clarify if leopard geckos can coexist.

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

For a quick overview of the main point It is recommended not to keep two leopard geckos in the same house with the exception of breeding. In any case it is best to keep them at a distance for a few minutes.

In Nature Leopard geckos are considered to be solitary animals. They do not prefer living in groups. They’ll have the same preference in the wild.

Sure, they do get together to have a mate but it’s not like they’re cozy family units.

Why It’s Not Okay to have two Leopard Geckos Together

Although they appear as if they’re smiling as they gaze at you leopard geckos, they are lonely creatures who enjoy their own time.

They can also become very territorial. Though they’re extremely curious about people, if a leopard gecko comes into their territory they are aware of what’s happening and generally immediately switch into defensive mode.

This is more so when it comes to male leopard geckos, than for female leopard geckos. Male geckos have a larger head and tail.

Also, they have distinct pores as females. Male leopard geckos most of the time fight when they are living together. They may injure or kill one other.

There are photos that show two leopard geckos having fun under the heat lamp however, they are probably just competing for temperature. They also fight for food and space.

If a leopard gecko is threatened, it can move its tail in a circle or straighten it. If you observe this it is time to remove your geckos immediately.

Certain people can manage having two leopard geckos living in the same environment without problems. It is likely that there are two leopards, or two females that have been in the same habitat since the time of their birth. There have been instances of females fighting as well.

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It’s better not to make the mistake of taking the risk. You can keep one leopard gecko in one vivarium to protect your reptile.

When it’s Okay to have Two Leopard Geckos Together

In the past, we’ve looked through the reasons why you should only keep one leopard gecko in the same habitat at one time. There are any instances where it’s acceptable to have two leopard geckos at the same time?

The only reason you’re allowed to have two geckos male and female leopard gecko together in the same room is when you’re looking for babies geckos.

Breeding geckos isn’t going to be difficult and you could probably perform it yourself. But, you should ensure that you have all the items to begin the process prior to starting and also have enough space and enclosures that can house all of the geckos in a separate area once they hatch.

You might be surprised to learn how male leopard geckos are aggressive when they reproduce with females.

It’s common that males bite female’s neck when they breed. It’s also common for males to repeatedly mat with females regardless of the outcome.

This can be extremely difficult on the body of a female leopard gecko and on top of the already demanding job of creating and laying eggs.

You can also have a female and male leopard gecko when you decide to breed them. Just be sure to separate them in different enclosures after breeding has been successful.

Do Leopard Geckos Get Lonely?

It can cause you to feel depressed to realize that it’s better to only have one leopard gecko in your habitat at one time. There may be only enough space or resources needed for one terrarium, and you feel guilty.

It’s normal to feel like this because human beings are very social and thrives by being around other people. Leopard geckos don’t behave like this, and should bring you tranquility.

The leopard geckos in the wild are as “loose colony.” This means that they’re around specific geckos often however they only interact with them occasionally.

If you’ve owned one of the leopard geckos for a few days it is possible that it observes you as you come and go. It could even scratch the entrance which allows you to access the enclosure. The leopard geckos are incredibly motivated by curiosity.

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You are able to interact with him by handing him or picking him up to handle the animal, and also altering or adding to his habitat objects.

You’ll need to take a few points to think about if you’re going to keep leopard geckos together:

  • Leopard Gecko Sex
  • Leopard Gecko Size
  • Size of the enclosure
  • Leopard Gecko Health

Let’s break each of these topics into smaller pieces and discuss the ideas and worries for each aspect.

Sex Matters

As leopard geckos get sexually mature sexuality determines how well they interact when they share the same space.

The idea of housing two leopard geckos at the same time is generally not a good idea.

They can be territorial and they are very likely to fight. A fight between two males could cause injuries. It’s not uncommon for leopard gecko not to only to lose the battle, but often lose its tail, too.

A female and two males are the best arrangement if you’re keeping several leopard geckos in one enclosure. They are unlikely to cause any problems between them. But, be sure each one of them has plenty of space and areas to hide.

It is important to take their size into the consideration. If one is larger than the other the larger one could dominate tanks and your food supplies.

Make sure to put a male and female if you wish to cross the two. Be aware that females can lay eggs as many as 8 times per mating season and the continuous production of eggs can cause stress to the body and could ultimately shorten her life span.

If you’re keeping a male and female in the same house, take into consideration the number of eggs or babies geckos you’re prepared for.

If they are not breeding, females and males are best kept separate. If you plan breeding leopard geckos it is recommended to keep one male with multiple females. This will not only increase the amount of eggs produced, it reduces the stress on one female. It is recommended to increase the size of your tanks to accommodate this.

Leopard Gecko Size

No matter what gender regardless of gender, a larger leopard gecko could dominate their food sources. This can not only impede the growth of smaller geckos however, it could also create unnecessary anxiety as it tries to access the food source but is blocked by the dominant tankmate.

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Size of Tank or Enclosure

A 20-gallon tank ought to be the minimum amount if you’re keeping 2 (or several) leopard geckos in one. Each gecko will require to have a cool and hot hide, and the tank will soon become cramped.

When you have several leopard geckos, generally larger is more effective. You’ll need to give them space to roam and to have their own space and space.

Remember that tanks with larger capacities are likely require a lot of heating. It is still important to have the cool and hot sides with a variation of higher 70’s in the cold side, and 90 ° on the hot side.

If you decide to go large on the tank, be sure that you plan your heating accordingly to keep the temperature.

Leopard Gecko Health

If you have several leopard geckos living within the same area and one gets sick, you’ll need to keep the sick lizard away for a variety of reasons.

The first thing to consider is that you don’t want the illness to be passed on onto other geckos.

It is best to keep your sick pet separately from the other ones so that it doesn’t have the chance to harm healthy ones. Also, allow the sick gecko to have an opportunity to be better.

Second, the survival of the strongest. The sick gecko could be an easy target for other.

If nothing else, healthy geckos could control the food supply and the gecko with a sick condition may not be able to take over. Insufficient food intake can cause the condition of the sick gecko.

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