Can Rabbits Eat Guavas? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Hi, welcome to petstufffhq. This article will assist you in discovering the answer to the question, can rabbits consume Guava?. If you read it carefully and you’ll learn about it further.

Finding a different foods into your rabbit’s diet isn’t easy. There are varieties of food that rabbits ought avoid, and so the process of finding alternatives can be challenging. I’ll suggest you read this post to the and you’ll get all the information you need.

Can Rabbits Eat Guavas?

Can Rabbits Eat guavas?

In a nutshell the word, yes, rabbits can consume Guava. Guava isn’t just an ingredient in nutritious and sweet foods, but is also a rich source of fiber which can help rabbits improve their teeth and digestion.

However, it is important to know the quantity of guava that you want your rabbits.

Furthermore, rabbits who are still babies shouldn’t be fed Guava until they reach seven months old.

Is Guava Good For Rabbits?

Before we discuss it, let’s look at what fresh guava is made of:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugars
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A, C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Iron
  • Vitamin K
  • Zinc and many others

It is clear from this article the main ingredients that a Guava is made up of. Fresh guava, will not be a good choice.

You are aware that sugar and fats are not great for rabbits’ health.

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However, guava does contain sugar and fat. Can rabbits still eat Guava?

You must select the one that isn’t overripe and also not raw. Guava that is raw and green could be harmful to teeth as well as their digestive system.

However the yellow guavas that refers to ripe guavas, could be the reason for diarrhea. Both health problems can result in death.

Therefore, you should select Guavas that are still in their fresh state and have are just beginning to ripen.

Can Rabbits Eat Guava Branches?

Guava branches aren’t extremely hard in general. They could get caught in the rabbit’s mouth or throat, which could cause problems with the airways.

Additionally, those tough pieces of wood are hard to digest by rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Guava Seeds?

Rabbits are able to eat seeds of guava however, they cannot eat them separately. They can consume seeds when they’re adults and are can chew the seeds properly to be able to digest them quickly.

When you’re enjoying a guava eating seeds is not likely to cause any issues. If the rabbit chews on seeds in a separate way and consumes lots of them, then it might have stomach problems.

Can rabbits Eat Guava Skin?

In addition to the branches and seeds Guava skin is an ideal alternative to gift to a rabbit. Guava skin is made up of the same elements that the body of guava.

Furthermore, the skin of guavas is thin and light. This is the reason why guava skin is easier to digest in comparison to other components of fruit like guava.

The skin can be removed off guava and feed it your pet rabbits frequently.

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Can rabbits Eat Guava Leaves?

Guava leaves do not appear to be as delicious like other common foods that the rabbit consumes. Rabbits also like other foods rich in green fiber like grass, hays fruits, vegetables, pomegranate fruits and so on.

However, if you wish to provide your rabbit with leaves of guava, or if you notice that your rabbits prefer leaves of guava, it is best to let them eat young and green leaves of the Guava tree.

Guava leaves are packed with cells within their cells. This helps in the elimination of diarrhea bacteria in rabbits.

Rabbits also benefit from Guava leaves that help strengthen teeth and to prevent gum decay as well as stop bleeding caused by decay.

Can Rabbits Eat Guava Juice?

A glass of fruit juice is a great treat for your rabbits. Since these are animals that roam the wild, they do not often drink any juice in the wild. Therefore, if you gift them fresh juice from the fruit then they’ll love it absolutely.

It is possible to give them the juice of guava. However, the guava should be exactly the same as what we previously discussed, not too old, and not as young.

Make sure to remove all the seeds from the guava before producing the juice. However, please do not add any spices or other ingredients to it.

Can baby Rabbits Eat Guava?

It is true that the answer to “can rabbits consume Guava?” is yes. However, that doesn’t mean that your rabbits are capable of eating the Guava. Yes, they are able to chew and consume a fruit, but they aren’t able to take it in! The GI system of their body isn’t capable of digesting this type of fruit at this time.

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Do rabbits really want to Eat Guava?

Your rabbits will be enticed to eat guava if provide them with. Guava is rich in sugar and we know that rabbits are fond of sugar.

We’ve also questioned some rabbit owners about this issue and everyone who has Guava in their area have said that their rabbits were eating Guava.

Can Guava Be Eaten by Rabbits?

Guava is safe for consumption by rabbits, as long as they are old enough (7 month old) and you give tiny amounts of it two times per week.


It’s not recommended to feed alot of the Guava fruit to your pet. Guava skin, flesh and seeds do not make up the health of our furry friends.

The good thing is that leaves can be an excellent option to spice your rabbit’s diet and provide a little variety to the menu. Guava leaves are with nutrients and are completely safe for your rabbit to eat.

Bonus Video; A cute video of two rabbits eating guavas.


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