Do Cats Need Chew Toys? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

As opposed to dogs, which appear to be waiting at your feet and hands to delight you, cats are a different type of animals with strange peculiarities. You might notice that your cat who is normally a good kitty is now chewing on everything and anything it can chew its paws on.

Do Cats Need Chew Toys?

Do Cats Need Chew Toys?

Kittens can benefit from chew toys while they are teething to ease their discomfort. Certain adult cats love chewing on their toys well into adulthood, and in this instance chew toys will keep them busy and your plants and cords secure.

Some cats are not able to chew things however when your cat is prone to chew the cords of your mobile phone charger as well as the electric wires and even the shoelaces it’s best to look to find chewing toys.

It is nevertheless essential to determine the causes that are behind your pet’s peculiar behavior. A lot of new pet owners tend to believe that their pet has a temper tantrum and yelling, but the primary reason that causes your pet to chew on strange things is medical.

Why Is My Cat Chewing On Things?

There’s no doubt that your pet could have kicked your shoes out in protest to the latest cat food item you have served it.

However, there are many instances where cat parents don’t understand the message their pet is trying to communicate to them. Cats do chew on objects in times of discomfort.

Why Do Cats Chew On Objects:

  • The stage of teething: Yes, kittens do have teeth. Many pet owners do not have the proper knowledge to understand what their pet is experiencing. They often misinterpret their cat’s behavior as destructive. While you’re at it your cat is simply going through a difficult growth period where it has to chew on something to ease the discomfort and pain it experiences within its mouth.
  • Gum Disease – Another health issue in the cats are gum diseases. Many pet owners take the time to visit the veterinarian for other health issues, but are not aware of the importance of maintaining their teeth. In the event that your dog is fed dishwater that is dirty and does not receive the proper dental care the possibility is that it will suffer from gum inflammation. Cats with gum swelling or inflammation may chew as much as they could to ease the pain.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Many Vets all over the world agree to the possibility that cats may develop OCD. The reasons behind OCD in cats aren’t known however, most vets believe that OCD is usually caused by stress. A common and frequent OCD behavior in cats is the excessive chewing. Ask your veterinarian for advice if think your cat might need assistance in diagnosing and controlling OCD.
  • Pica: The term “pica” refers to Pica is a behavior disorder in cats. Pica occurs the time when your cat begins to eat food items like wool, yarn wires, wires and other household objects that aren’t food items. However, Pica can be pretty hazardous for your cat because cats are known to consume substances that block their intestines , and require surgery. Also, Pica may develop due to a variety of reasons, such as different mineral deficiencies. Siamese cats are more likely to be more susceptible to getting affected by the pica. Contact a vet if you suspect your cat is affected by pica.
  • Other Feline Diseases: Several medical conditions can cause your furry friend’s tendency to chew. This could be caused by feline immunodeficiency viruses, brain tumors as well as feline leukemia and even diabetes. Don’t be afraid These conditions are less common and you shouldn’t consider diagnosing your pet without consulting with a veterinarian.
  • Periodontal Conditions: A high amount of plaque and tartar may cause various gum disease within your cat, too. If there’s inflammation in the gums or in the area around them, the cat will turn to chewing on objects to relieve the irritation. Also, you should seek the advice from a vet.
  • Boredom – We shouldn’t completely overlook the possibility that your cat could be chewing things due to boredom! The most effective solution to this problem is with you. We’ll discuss the process later within this post.
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There’s a reason, you need to understand what your cat is looking for and wants. Thus, a trip to the vet regularly with regular checks on the buccal cavity is recommended.

If your vet believes that your cat is just looking for ways to release their frustrations, then you should look through a variety of alternatives to supply your cat with the stimulation it requires. To top the list, there are chew toys.

Do Cats Need Chewing Toys?

Yes, having chew toys to entertain your cat is crucial. They should be included with activities that are enjoyable the same way you are. And, they definitely need something to scratch or pull at when they’re venting all that accumulated aggressive energy.

But, they’re not the only reasons to get a chew toy. Kittens also require teething toys while they’re teething. Kittens don’t have teeth at birth.

The baby teeth begin to appear between 2-4 weeks. When they reach 3.5-4 months old the deciduous milk teeth disappear, and then the permanent teeth emerge. Thus, cats will have two teeth throughout their lives.

At the time of teething, cats can feel discomfort in their gums. A lot of pet owners worry about how to care for their pets during these delicate stages of growth. The most ideal place to start is with their diet.

Wet cat food containing polyphosphate salt and fiber and dental chews are essential for your cat’s dental hygiene. In addition, any food for cats that is endorsed by VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) guarantees that the food is the best choice for your cat’s dental health.

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But, taking home plastic or soft rubber toys, specifically made for kittens, could be very useful. The reason is that kittens have the need to chew when they have gums that are inflamed and gnawing on the soft rubber toys can give them some relief.

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