Do Guinea Pigs Like The Dark? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

Hi pet lovers, Welcome to petstufffhq, today we’ll be taking a closer look at the question; Do guinea pigs like the dark?

Do guinea pig like the dark?

This article is well detailed and you’ll discover alot on if guinea pigs like the dark, if they can see in the dark and most importantly if they need a light night.

So, let’s get right to it.


If you’ve ever been awakened at night by your pet guinea pigs chatting or playing inside their cages It’s likely that you’re aware that they can be engaged at any time of the night or day.

It is why some owners consider whether they should keep the lights on for their guinea-pigs during the night.

The truth is that no one actually knows their sleeping patterns. However, there’s no scientific evidence to support they are at their best at night as well.

Do Guinea Pigs Like the Dark?

Yes, as several reports would suggest, guinea-pigs prefer the darkness.

But that does not mean that they’re night animals. Guinea porcines are crepuscular. This means that they’re most active during dawn and at dusk.

Is A Guinea Pig’s Vision Equally Good At Night And Day?

Guinea Pigs do not have particular vision problem, but they do possess some crucial capabilities to assist them in getting around at night

One of the main aspects of your pet’s perception of vision is that cavies possess an estimated 335-degree field of vision that is unquestionably impressive.

The position of the eyes of a guineapig can allow them to observe motion from all angles which was extremely beneficial for their lives in the wild as they were prey animals.

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The broad angle of their vision enabled them to see predators and then hide.

Guinea pigs also see color, and they are able to be able to see more photos per second when compared to humans.

However, guinea-pig’s vision isn’t great, and many would argue that guinea pigs aren’t very good at eyesight.

The reason for this the claim is that guinea pigs possess low depth perception, but they have a excellent sense of hearing and smell. They also have special abilities to move around.

How Do Guinea Pigs Navigate At Night?

If guinea-pigs have a large-screen perspective of their world, and an insufficient sense of the depth they see, then how can they get around without crashing into objects and falling over constantly?

There’s several tricks in their sleeves.

One of the most important anatomical traits is the adorable tiny whiskers that line the face of your guinea pig.

Also known as vibrates, these hairs are more than cute.

Actually, they’re believed to assist your guinea-pig determine distances and gain their bearings under a variety of lighting conditions.

Cavies have a fairly well-developed sense of smell, and hearing their sense of smell isn’t as distinct from ours and can aid in identifying the imminent threat.

Do Guinea Pigs Have A Good Spatial Memory?

Guinea pigs are also thought to have good spatial memory. This means they are able to keep track of where things are located and what paths to follow.

Also they’ve got a solid sense of their position.

Their memory capacities may differ but what we can see is that guinea-pigs have exceptional spatial memory.

They might not recall your birthday or the celebration But the paths and the routes remain in their minds , just like resin.

Do Guinea Pigs Prefer Dark?

Guinea Pigs are fond of staying in darkness during the night.

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You must be aware that guinea pigs are predators, and they’re always trying find predators and hiding.

Thus, having a dark and dark place helps them slow down and relax for a short period of time, since they feel more secure in darkness.

Guinea pigs have a larger understanding, but they have lack a sense of depth.

If you’ve ever attempted to lift them up without having an even surface beneath the feet, you could have noticed that they tend to be stressed due to anxiety.

There’s no sense of the depth of these images. They can’t assess the distance or the height as accurately as we could.

They have an amazing ability to remember, that allows them to overcome this issue.

In the wild, guinea pigs are able to run through grasses and passageways for their homes to hide as well as their meals.

Although the predator may be seeking to hunt them down they are able to move quite quickly, since they are able to recognize paths and their destinations quite well.

This same trick can help them get through their enclosure in darkness.

Thus, poor depth perception isn’t an important role since these tiny animals are able to navigate to their natural habitat.

They also have excellent smell and hearing ability to aid in moving through the space.

How Well Can Guinea Pigs See?

Guinea Pigs aren’t famous for their vision abilities however they do have several important abilities that can assist them in their daily lives.

One of the most important aspects of your pet’s vision is that they have an estimated 340-degree vision field that is unquestionably amazing.

It’s also extremely useful for guinea-pigs in the wild, who have to be aware of the approaching of any possible predators.

Guinea Pigs can also see color, and it’s believed that they actually perceive more images per second than humans.

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Where your pet’s eyes are short is in their depth perception. Cavies are known for their low depth perception however, they are able to rely upon their senses as well as their unique abilities to navigate.

How Do Guinea Pigs Move Their Way Around?

Do guinea pig like the dark?

Okay, so if Guinea pigs have a large-screen view of the globe and low perception of depth, how do they get around without crashing into objects and falling over constantly? They have some tricks up their sleeves.

A key anatomical characteristic is the adorable little whiskers on the face of your guinea pig.

They’re called vibrissae. These hairs are more than just make a cute appearance. It is believed that they can help your guinea-pig gauge distances and locate their position throughout a variety of lighting conditions.

In the next step, guinea-pigs benefit from their amazing sense of hearing and smell to assist to “see”. They have a well-developed sense of hearing and smell which isn’t too unlike ours and can aid in identifying imminent danger.

In addition, guinea pigs are also believed to be adept at spatial memory. This means they’re adept at remembering what objects are in the area and which routes to follow. It’s kind of like they have an excellent sense of direction.

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