Do Hedgehogs Squeak? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

The goal of this article is to provide general information about your hedgehogs. It is written with the highest knowledge after adequate research as regards to the subject matter.

Although is it not intended to be used as a substitute for the advice of a vet. If you have health concerns, get veterinary advice.

Do hedgehogs squeak?


The idea of having a hedgehog live in your home is a fantastic idea, particularly if you want a fun pet that will keep your attention for hours.

But, prior to deciding to introduce a hedgehog into your home, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with how these animals communicate and the way they speak.

Knowing their distinct voice patterns will make it simple for you to understand which animal’s message is intended to communicate or transmit to you.

You need to be aware that the typical hedgehog makes many different sounds. It is possible to hear sounds that can resemble newborn bird or hear sounds that seem like a steam train passing by.

Actually some of these sounds are alarming, and if you’re not sure the meaning behind them, it could be quite complicated.

However, once you’re capable of understanding the meaning behind these sounds and what message the hedgehog is trying to communicate the listener, it will be easier. The most frequent sounds you’ll listen to from your hedgehog hissing.

Many people think this sounds is the chirping sound of a young bird. Finding out what the animal is trying to communicate in this instance is crucial.

Most people are prone to misinterpret these sounds, particularly when the hedgehog is in the garden, as the sounds are typically produced at the time the baby bird is hatching.

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Why do hedgehogs squeak?

Your Hedgehogs squeak might indicate the following;

  • They Are Calling for Food

This is actually a lovely sound that is produced by an animal while it calls out to eat. It is possible to think that the animal sounds stressed or anxious, but this is not the reality.

The animal is just screaming for food, and if you can hear the noise, it might be a good decision on your part to look inside their cage to see whether you’ve provided your animal fresh and nutritious food.

The sound is typically heard by babies hedgehogs, so if you have young hedgehogs in your backyard You might want to be careful. Baby hedgehogs emit this sound mostly because they’re begging their mother to feed them.

Be aware that during this time it is crucial to keep away from disturbing your mother in any way is possible as she will be searching in the wild for food and she will be feeding her children.

If you’ve not provided an enclosure for nesting for the hedgehog’s mother It’s an excellent idea for you to make it so. The presence of a nesting box the mother can make her life much simpler and enable her to care for newborns easily.

Sometimes, the sound of squeaking is also produced by male hedgehogs as they’re seeking to mat and are trying to attract female hedgehogs as result. In most instances the sound of squeaking is generally a sign of babies.

There are a lot of other sounds the animal can create that you need to take note of. Some of these sounds might appear too large to be coming out of a tiny animal like a hedgehog however, you could be amazed at the pipes these tiny creatures have inside their bodies!

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Do hedgehogs squeak?

  • Grunting

Grunting is a common occurrence among hedgehogs, and that’s how they came up with the second aspect of their names. The hedgehogs typically grunt, and so do these tiny animals.

This is the sound hedgehogs produce when they go out to hunt to find food at night or simply looking around.

The sound may seem quite in the eyes of many, but so long as the sound is clear and snuffling you don’t need to be concerned in the least.

The animal is relaxed and is just going about their activities. There’s no reason to you to alarm them or cause them to be worried about a variety of issues.

  • Chuffing

A chuffing sound that hedgehogs produce when they’re mating. The sound is commonly heard by homeowners who are in their gardens in the months of June and May because it is mating season for hedgehogs. It is a call to mat that is made by the female as the male surrounds her.

It might appear that the animal is trying to scare its male counterpart off , but this isn’t the case. If you listen closely to it, you’ll notice that the sound resembles the sound of a miniature steam train. It’s a distinctive sound you’ve probably never heard before.

  • Coughing

Some of the sounds made by hedgehogs are beneficial for the animal. For example, the sound of coughing is a clear indication that something is wrong in the animal. If the animal is coughing dry and loud cough, it suggests it is because the nest has become filthy or there’s something that is stuck inside the throat of the hedgehog.

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However when your pet exhibits an ongoing chesty cough it is important to know that it is a sign that something’s more grave. There’s a possibility that your hedgehog is suffering from lungworms. The only thing you could do is to bring your pet to a vet.

If you see hedgehogs around your property it is possible to contact an animal rescue organization that is operating in your region to figure the most efficient strategy for you.

  • Screaming

If you are hearing a loud sound that is typically produced by infants and children, it is likely that the hedgehog is usually suffering from pain or is in extreme discomfort. It is possible that they are stuck in a place and if they hear you through the garden, it may be wise to take a look because it’s evident that the animal may be in need of assistance.

These are only a few of the sounds produced by hedgehogs in the garden and as you can see, a lot of them indicate that you shouldn’t need to be concerned about much.

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