Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink And Black? – 2022 Best Pet Care Guide

You may be wondering the reasons why some dog’s develop pink and black paws, because i too was wondering about the same when I got my first puppy. The good news is in this article, so you should read this with care, as we have been able to find out these reasons.

Why Are My Dog's Paws Pink And Black?
Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink And Black?

Dog paws which are made up of ligaments, tendons, bones, connective tissues, and blood supply. If it’s your first time of owning a pet such as dogs, you will probably get worried when seeing their paws become pink and black. My advice here is that you should not be worried anymore.

When your little puppy was younger, you only noticed of them having pink paws, but when they mature gradually you start noticing the mixed colour of black and pink as a result of some mechanical factors.

It’s really a good habit to pay attention to your pets, so that you can easily detect when something goes wrong. Dog’s uses paws to maintain balance and stability, which means that if anything happens to these paws, balance and stability will not be properly maintained.

Now, If they are actually not affected by these conditions, then this means that nothing should be worried about, since they are still happy and healthy.

There some reasons behind why dog’s may develop a pink and black paws. We will be explaining each sequentially.

1. Sign of growth on paws

When your little puppy was younger, you will agree with me, that such colouration was not noticed, because they were still little and immature. Once they start developing many parts of the body in order to carry out certain function. Their paws can become thickened and darken as skin on that surface becomes folded for them to have the ability of walking and running a long distance.

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Once these takes place they will be able to adapt to walking and running around the house, and you can also take them for a walk alongside with you.

You see!!, There is no need to be worried when seeing this things happen, it’s just normal for most dogs, since they carry out their locomotive activities in a different manner.

These black paws features enables the paws to become hardened and strong. That is why It’s usually advisable that you should always allow your pets to take a walk around the house. These will also make them because strong and healthy since it’s part of exercise.

Every one wants to see his/her dog become healthy, and

2. Damage of the stratum corneum

If you were noticing your puppy’s paws to be of black colouration, then all of a sudden some areas are now becoming pink in colour. It could be that the stratum corneum is shading away.

Once such surface shades away, the paws becomes soft and easily affected by any little substance that deviate from being smooth.

There are so many reasons that could result is this condition.

The first thing to think of is wether, they are exposed to rough or hot roads. If they are exposed to hot or rough roads without protective gears or shoes , it can be the cause in damage of the corneum.

So it’s advisable to always wear them their shoe,when going for a walk to prevent damage of the corneum.

Secondly, some dogs may have a soft sensitive skin, which makes it easy for the stratum corneum to be easily damage when exposed to rough surfaces.

Thirdly, stepping on moody water by dogs can inflict bacterial infection, which can be dangerous when it finds a way into the puppy’s system.

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3. Your puppy’s might be naturally born with this paws.

Why Are My Dog's Paws Pink And Black?
Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink And Black?

If you didn’t take a look at your puppy’s paws before bringing it home, then you are just noticing it now. There could be nothing wrong with the puppy since most of them are naturally given birth to have a pink and black paws.

Dog’s are of different species which means that, not every dog’s will have the same features and appearance, so seeing a dog born to have a pink and black paws should not bother at all.

Sometimes new breeds of dogs, which tend to develop a pink and plack paws may have come to existence, through Gene mutation of the existing parents genes.

4.It could be a sign of infection

It can also be a sign of infection or diseases for dogs paws to start shading off from black to pink. There are some Pet’s paste that could cause this diseases on dogs. Proper hygiene should be employed to avoid them having contact with this paste and bacteria.

These can cause not only a severe pain to the dog. But can lead to different diseases such as diarrhea , vomiting etc, if they get into their body.

In such conditions, a vet should be employed to offer necessary treatment as soon as possible.

How to take proper care of puppy’s

It is a good practice to take proper good care of your puppy. maintaining a good and regular checking practice on your dogs will help against unknowing infection that is affecting your dog.

1. Maintaining good hygiene

Dog pets are loving creature’s, you should improve their health being by maintaining, a good and proper hygiene.

Never fail to keep them clean on daily basis. Wash their sleeping places and their food plate after each mean to prevent, infection and diseases.

2. Always put on its shoes when going for a walk

It’s necessary to always put on shoe pods on its paws, when going for a walk to prevent damaging of the stratum corneum, when accidentally walking on a rough or hot roads on sunny days.

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Doing these will not only protect it’s paws but will guide again bacterial penetration, that might find it’s way into their system.

3. Do regular health check

It feels good to see that your puppies are looking strong and healthy, so it’s advisable to always make a regular health check on them.

The best way of practicing this is to have a good veterinarian, that comes on weekly basis to keep them healthy and treatment of diseases if any.


I hope you are not still worried of why your dog is having a pink and black paws. If you are seeing this things on them as the first time for after many years of them being with you. That means that there might be some mechanical or medical issues that is affecting the cute looking puppy.

But if you are noticing this as they grow gradually, it possibly means that they were naturally born with it. Which is manifesting as they grow to maturity.

Seeing things like this should cause an urgent need for vetenary doctor, who is trained to offer solutions for pets issues.

Now we have come to the end of this article. Now, you can share this article, if you want to help a friend or you are just finding this article to be valuable. Thanks for reading.

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